To conduct a precision shooting competition with meaning, there is no single element that is more important than proper scoring. The N50 is offering Sportsman class and Pro class which will be shot using the same target; pellet, and 22 rimfire/slug. Sportsman is scored with the .350” diameter plug head and Pro is scored with the .224” plug head. Completed targets shall not be handled by any competitor for any reason until the Match Director's permission is granted.

Pellet Class Scoring

This class can shoot any caliber ranging from .177 to .30. Since each of these calibers will produce a different size hole on the target.... there must be a system in place to equalize the scoring diameter of the variety. The “scoring plug set” for the pellet class was created for that sole purpose. There is a range of plug base (shank) diameters that will correspond to the caliber of the pellet being used.  It is important that each competitor note the caliber that is being used by clearly marking it in the space provided in the upper right next to the word “pellet” on their targets. This designation makes it easy for the scorer to select the proper shank plug to use when scoring their target. Once the appropriate shank plug is selected by the scorer, the fit to the hole made by the pellet will not be distorted in any way by the insertion of the plug. The shank will locate itself naturally and orient the plug in the exact center of the hole. The .350” head of each plug will now be used against the scoring rings to provide a uniform diameter for every caliber. Inserting the wrong plug into a hole can give false results because the plug may be too loose and not locate the center of the hole, or it can be too large and distort the original hole when pushed in. If the scorer is unsure because a target has not been marked with caliber size, they should begin to test a hole shot in the sighter portion of the target with the smallest shank and observe the fit. The plug should have slight tension when being pushed into the hole. If there is no tension, the scorer should move to the next larger shank and retest.  If the scoring edge of the plug touches a ring, the shooter shall receive the score of that particular ring. It is absolutely imperative that scorers use magnification and sight down the vertical edge of the plug to evaluate a close call. If any white can be observed between the ring and the scoring edge... the shot must score the next largest ring. The score for a box shall be clearly written in the lower right corner of the scoring box. In the pellet class the X dot must be completely covered to receive an X. If an X is received, write X in the upper right corner. The lowest score that can be attained for any box with a single shot in it is a 5. If the target box does not have any shot, it is a zero. If there are multiple shots in any box, the score for that box is the lowest minus 1. Once a row has been scored, the total for that row should be clearly written in the space provided at the end of the row. Once the entire card is scored, the rows should be added up and the final score written in the spaces provided on the left side of the card.

Sportsman 22LR Rimfire/Slug Class Scoring

The scoring of the rimfire/slug class only differs from the pellet class by a few key elements. Rimfire will always be .22 caliber. Slug class is 177 through 30 cal. Anyone shooting rimfire/slug should also note their caliber in the space provided next to rimfire/slug in the heading. The rimfire/slug shooter will receive an X if the shot completely covers the dot. This class uses the scoring plug head diameter of .350 with proper caliber shank.

Pro 22LR Rimfire/Slug Class Scoring

The scoring of the Pro Rimfire/Slug class only differs from the Sportsman class by scoring plug head diameter of .224”. The rimfire/slug shooter will receive an X if the shot touches the dot.

Tie Breaker

Single Target Tie: In the event of a score tie, the scorer shall check the targets starting with the #1 target score. First target score with higher points shot wins. If a tie still exists after checking target 1 through 25 scores, go to #1 target score and check X's. The first one who gets an X wins.
Three Target Aggregate (Match) Ties: Ties will be broken by comparing the score on the first target card - High Score wins, if a tie still exists then the second target card high score wins, if a tie still exists then the third target card high score will resolve the winner. If a tie still exists, then the first card first miss (and so on) breaks the tie.


To ensure that the best possible holes are produced in the targets, it is important to use clean backers of heavy cardboard or other to firmly support the target in a flat manner. Once backers get too many holes in them, they start to curl and will no longer support the target properly. The shooter should take care when hanging their targets to move the target slightly around the backer after each successive target to employ a fresh area for the projectile to penetrate.  For purpose of standardization requires use of officially supplied N50 targets, official N50 plug, a separate magnifier of 8X or more is recommended. The plugs are available from the N50 Business Office. It is the responsibility of every Match Director to provide each of these devices to his Scoring Team.


A fee of $5 per protest may be applied at the Match Directors discretion. Fee will be refunded if protest prevails. No targets can be handled by any competitor for any reason.  Upon the conclusion of the final match and after all targets have been scored, targets shall be made available for inspection by the competitors. The competitor, on their own target, shall determine that scoring and mathematical calculations were completed accurately.  Any errors discovered 5 minutes after the match is completed shall stand as marked, right or wrong. The Match Director shall direct the scoring team to review the protest shot for possible revision.


if one finds that their target was accidentally cross-fired the offended competitor shall immediately notify the offending competitor and the Match Director that a target was cross-fired. Match Director will call for a cease fire to address the issue. Adequate time shall be added to make up time to that firing period.  If the offended competitor target bull was shot the target card may be replaced; or, if the offended competitor official target bulls are shot the Match Director may take notice and mark or record the offending shot holes and shooting may continue on the offended target.

Target Box Line Hit

The target may be reshot if the miss touches a target box line. A miss will be determined by the scorer using the Class size plug.  At the Competitors discretion, and risk, the determination of the miss is made at the time of the shot. The resulting Scoring Team decision is non-negotiable.

Practice Targets

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Official targets 11" x 17" may be purchased in lots of 100 to 300 with same shipping cost
100 targets is $25.00 + $25.00 shipping
200 targets is $50.00 + $25.00 shipping
300 targets is $75.00 + $25.00 shipping
6 plug set is  $30.00 + $8.00 shipping
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